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The Pendragon Project

The Pendragon Project

  • Posted On: 10 October 2018

During the course of the year Chopsticks receives various requests and jobs for our ChopShed team and one that they have recently completed is for Pendragon in Northallerton. However, this is something a little special in that they not only asked us to make 3 beautiful new planters for their frontage, but also requested that we fill them with lovely sensory plants and maintain them as the Seasons progress. 

As with all our clients, they had the option of what colour they wanted the troughs painted and then our Garden Care Maintenance Supervisor, Caroline, chose a variety of tactile plants to go in them that can be enjoyed by everyone for their beauty and smell.  These included Lavender, Rosemary, and Hebe plus bulbs that will delight in the Spring, such as Narcissus, Turkish Tulips and Snowdrops.  A couple of our Members, Lou and Ellie, had great fun helping her plant them up in situ (as per the photos) and will no doubt help with the dead-heading, weeding and feeding that will be necessary as the year progresses.

 If you have a project that you would like our Team to consider then please feel free to contact jan@chopsticks.org.uk who will put you in touch with the appropriate member of staff.


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