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Window Display at Darlington Building Society

Window Display at Darlington Building Society

  • Posted On: 15 November 2018

As some of you may already know, the Darlington Building Society are known for their support of local community businesses and offer window display space so that companies such as Chopsticks can show off what they do.  As you will see from the attached photos, we have been lucky enough to be offered the display space for the next two weeks, together with a place to leave some of our charity boxes for those who have the inclination to donate.  Obviously we are not able to show everything we are capable of, but it gives a broad idea of what we can produce.  The kindling box in particular makes a wonderful piece for storing wood next to the fireplace; especially if the kindling inside is from Chopsticks as well. Whether it be for your bird boxes and planters or signage for your company, Chopsticks are available to help.  Just contact us on 01609 761 661 or send an e-mail to info@chopsticks.org.uk.  Bespoke items are our speciality.

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