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UCI Road World Championships

UCI Road World Championships

  • Posted On: 3 October 2019

 As always, Chopsticks' Members were happy to do their bit to support our Community and the bike race that came through Northallerton last week.  With the help of Councillor Fortune, who very kindly took time out of her busy schedule, they spent a few hours feeding little woollen jerseys (made by Barkers knitters) onto an extremely long, crocheted line that she had made.  A huge thank you to her for involving our Members in this effort.  They very much enjoyed the task of working with her and, those who went out with Ron thereafter to help put up this 'bunting', were able to see how effective it looked. Whilst we sadly do not have photos of the bunting in place, we can show you our Members hard at work with the Councillor.

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