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Grant from Betty's

  • Posted On: 21 November 2019

As part of the Bettys Trees for Life project, Two Ridings Community Foundation (www.trcf.org.uk) has very kindly awarded Chopsticks a grant of £2,000 to enhance the external environment of our workshop/workplace. The intention is to plant a hedge, specimen trees/shrubs along our perimeter fence; to provide privacy within the yard, but also to encourage our team members to experience a positive outside environment.  

We would also like to plant a wild flower bed to encourage biodiverse flora and fauna area to support wildlife.  We already have Blackbirds, Jenny Wrens, House Sparrows and Robins visiting our grassed area.  A more appealing outside area will give members the opportunity to spend their free time outside and they will be fully involved in the planting and maintenance involved in improving the space. 

The factory is so much more than a workplace to our members; thus improving and softening the outside space is important for them; and also for other local groups who use our premises, including the Community Hub and our Peace of Art group which is intended to support those with mental health challenges.

Watch this space for photos next year once we can see the fruit of our labours.

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