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Goboka Rwanda Trust

Goboka Rwanda Trust

  • Posted On: 10 July 2017

Our Charity Administrator and Development Officer Phil Bramhall will be heading back to Rwanda on 10th August this year for two weeks to support the work of the Goboka Rwanda Trust and to develop our links with the charity. One of the Gokoka Rwanda Trust's projects is to support children and adults with learning disabilities based at the Amizero Centre and Special School. The Amizero Centre and Special School is based in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda and it is one of the very few places where children and adults with disabilities can feel safe, learn life skills, build self-confidence and make friends. As a country Rwanda finds it very challenging both financially and culturally to make provision for people with disabilities and to create opportunities to help them gain education, training and employment. Phil will be working with Heather Thomas, founder of the Goboka Rwanda Trust, to monitor the impact of the Trusts' projects and to assess opportunities for sharing good practise gained from supporting children and adults with learning disabilities. Earlier this year Heather visited Chopsticks together with Ephaste Niygena- the Trust's project officer in Rwanda, to learn more about how our organisation supports its members and how our experience could be used to benefit Amizero. It was the first time Ephaste had visited the UK  and travelled outside Rwanda, so it was a life changing trip for him; one funding entirely by generous supporters of The Goboka Rwanda Trust. Ephaste shared with Chopsticks members and staff the issues he witnesses in his country and how his fellow citizens are trying their best to escape poverty and hardship. Next year two more intrepid members of Chopsticks staff will be visiting Rwanda. Sharon Best and Julie Smart will continue building on the links between Chopsticks and the Goboka Rwanda Trust as they share their skills and knowledge, while they learn about Rwanda and the challenges and opportunities its peoples face.  

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