Examples of our work

Price List

Price List (inc VAT)

Large Bag of kindling (approx. 9kg)
  - £7.00 retail

Small Bag of Kindling (approx. 2kg) -  £2.60 retail

Nets (approx. 3kg)- £3.50 retail


Horse Shoe Planters- £17.50

2 carriage unpainted train - £39 

2 carriage painted train  - £45

Kindling Box - £22.50


Biomass Woodchip - Price upon request



Woodchip and Biomass Fuel

Chopsticks chipping plant

Chopsticks have a chipping plant installed at the workshop. This plant is used to produce biomass woodchip fuel made from clean waste timber that isn’t suitable for the production of our kindling. The fuel has an extremely low moisture content making it a high quality product. The biomass fuel is available for purchase and we are able to arrange delivery in bulk loads or in builder bags upon request! The price of biomass woodchip fuel varies according to supply and demand but if you are interested or have any queries or questions then do not fail to contact us.

Garden Ware and Other Products

Planters and other products

Lucky Horseshoe planters are a premium grade product made by our members here at Chopsticks. They add a touch of class to any garden! They are a beautiful creation made from wood, treated in an attractive shade of Willow green, with a fibre lining that retains moisture and securely holds compost and plants. That’s not all!

As a project suggested to us, we recently made a defibrillator cabinet to go in Tesco Northallerton for the Community First Responders. We are also in the process of creating a fold-up bar for the Wensleydale Railway too.


Whether you want a train planter, a garden bench, a log store or something to keep the local birds happy like a bird table or a bird house, we are happy to make it for you.

Chopsticks considers no job too big or small and are always open to trying to make new creations!  Just contact Tracey on tracey@chopsticks.org.uk to find out more.




The Rooms Upstairs

Rooms for hire

We have two main rooms upstairs that are currently used by North Yorkshire County Council to provide specialised learning opportunities for 16 to 25 year olds with special educational needs.  However, in addition we now have an autism friendly sensory/chill out room which is suitable for use by not only our own Members with learning or physical disabilities, but which will also be used by our Peace of Art group from March onwards.  

What we do

We also make kindling boxes, small and large raised bed planters, train style planters, and chopsticks benches, with or without backs, that can be treated in our Willow green weather durable coat. We can even make trellis fencing to go around areas such as business grounds which co-inside perfectly with the horseshoe planters.

These products are ideal for home gardens or even on business grounds.  Contact Tracey on tracey@chopsticks.org.uk for more information and prices.

Kindling Wood

Chopsticks does exactly as it says in the name. We chop sticks! Our main activity here is the production of premium grade kindling with biomass woodchip fuel made from timber which would have otherwise been sent to landfill. Our members chop, sort and pack our timber which is then sold to YOU so each bag you buy goes towards the growth and development of our members and our charity! We are proud to be BSL authorised meaning that we do our bit for the environment too! In 1995 a group of resourceful members with learning disabilities started to chop firewood from scrap timber under the name ‘Chopsticks’. Thus creating who we are today!

Lawn Mowing Service

Need a lawn mowing? Then we can help! Here at Chopsticks we also offer a Mowing programme which our members undertake for the general public. This is a great opportunity for the general public to meet our members and find out more about us! We maintain gardens in the local area covering places such as Northallerton, Leeming Bar and Bedale. We charge a competitive rate of £17 for a small garden and £25 an hour for a large garden. The cost of the job is determined by our Garden Care Maintenance Supervisor, who works with our lovely members in completing the garden tasks!


At Chopsticks we like to provide our members with as many opportunities and activities as possible. For that reason we run ChopArts, a Thursday crafts class for both our Members and private clients where they can be creative and form great friendships!

There is also the possibilty of working with glass crafts to create personal bespoke glassware such as cooker splashbacks, placemats and worktop savers.  Just let us know what colours or style you want and our Members will do their best to accommodate.

In March 2020 we are also introducing a new class on the first Thursday in the month which is called Peace of Art.  This class is open to anybody who wants to learn how to calm their mind and relax, or who simply wants to take some 'me' time where they can meet new people and potentially learn a new skill.

You don't need to be 'good' at art  or have any previous training to experience relaxation through art.  Just come along and enjoy being 'pulled into the moment' by the colours, textures and sounds of creating art; then top it off with a wonderful guided relaxation session.

This new class will take place between 1pm and 3pm and will only cost £12 per month.  To book your place contact Ruth Hawkes on 07855 395 747.


Supported by http://northallertonglass.co.uk/

Community Outreach

Chopsticks also provide a community outreach scheme in which we offer community based services that aim to fulfil the individual needs of our customers. We are on the North Yorkshire County Council’s approved list of non-regulated service providers. Our service is available to anyone with a disability or older people in need of support to maintain independence and a quality lifestyle.

We can help assist with things such as shopping, paying bills, support for social activities, getting to and keeping appointments and much more! Ask and we will do our best to meet your needs or the needs of those you care for.

If you are interested in our community outreach scheme then please contact us on: jan@chopsticks.org.uk or call our office on 01609 761661